We are here to support and encourage leaders

If you would like to gain faith, knowledge and skills to move yourself and your ministry into greater levels of God’s supernatural activity, come and join us on this relational learning journey. Feed into us and let us pour into you.

If you would like to explore unity in diversity and get strength from those relationships, come and take the time to make new connections.

Connect and Explore

Kingdom Leaders Community

Join us in September 2024

Monthly video calls and online community discussions on Facebook with in person gatherings

Our monthly Zoom calls are Thursdays 9.45am-11.30am and timings for our in person gatherings vary.

2024 2025
19 Sep
16 Jan
10 Oct
6 Feb
7 Nov - Scotland In Person Day
3-5 Mar
14 Nov - England In Person Day
3 Apr
5 Dec
15 May
12 Jun

Our 2025-26 year will kick off in September 2025.

Equip, Connect and Encounter

This is the spine of what we are doing together and is a leaders community based around a monthly virtual get together to equip encourage leaders, their teams and staff, and build relationship across streams. See below for more on our content
Leadership Coaching


Our friend Anthony Hilder, church leadership consultant is offering 1 hour of free coaching for each leader who signs up.


In our leaders community we will be exploring relevant topics together and we will cover topics that we believe is vital in creating thriving Kingdom ministries. Examples of topics are below.

  • What is Kingdom Culture?

    The key to renewal, revival and reformation.

  • Identity

    The key to fruitfulness, power and rest.

  • Developing Supernatural Culture

    Keys to signs and wonders, power healing and evangelism.

  • The Leader's Journey

    Discouragement to Delight.

  • Stewarding His Presence

    How to partner with Holy Spirit.

  • Apostolic and Prophetic Function

    Keys to maturing your ministry.


Our times together are designed to make relationship building easy whilst giving you practical learning to apply directly to your ministry.

  • Worship

    Expressing our value for God's presence through worship and intimacy

  • Talk

    One of our team sharing on our topic.

  • Response

    Taking some time to respond to what we are learning

  • Q & A

    We want to figure things out as a community.

  • Practical

    Putting directly into practice something we have been learning.